Team In Training: Winter Season Has Officially Begun!

Kick Off for TNT Winter Season 2014

Kick Off for TNT Winter Season 2014

Yesterday morning was Kick Off for the winter season of Team In Training!  Just a bit of repeat: For those of you who don’t know what Team in Training is, it’s a group of folks who train for a race (half marathon, marathon, triathlons, etc.) while raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  My father passed away from leukemia, which is why I joined this group.

I’m really excited about this season.  Our theme is Rock ‘n’ Roll, which is perfect since the race I’ll be doing is Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio.  My first season with TNT was last winter and I wasn’t able to complete my race due to an injury, but thankfully to all my donors, I was able to raise $2,200!!!  That completely surpassed what I thought I’d be able to accomplish!

My second season was this past summer where I completed my first event with Austin 10/20 (WIP: entry about my race).  However, I didn’t fundraise.  So this season, I will be fundraising AND training for a race AND I’m also the PR/Mission Captain for the Northwest team.

So there are many things to be excited about!  I also have a few ideas for fundraising that I’m going to try, so I may be posting about them in future entries.  Let’s get this season started!!  GO TEAM!

Please donate here!!


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